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Microsoft TechEd 2010, Bangalore April 24, 2010

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I recently attended the Microsoft TechEd 2010 India held at Bangalore(12-14 Apr). I attended TechEd after 4 years. In the previous TechEd session I attended the developer track sessions. This time around I was present in both developer as well as Architecture track. It turned to be time well spent attending the event.

The TechEd started with a key note presentation by Somasegar (Senior VP, Microsoft). During the keynote, he announced the launch of Visual Studio 2010. He gave insight into various new features of the product. Some of the features which caught my eyes are:

  • Complete Java Script Intellisense
  • Test case capture and playback to reproduce an error.
  • Automatic detection of stack trace for a specified bug (Thank God it doesn’t fix the issue. Otherwise developers are at risk J)
  • Reverse engineering of code to generate design using UML diagrams.
  • Support for F# development.

I guess no one understands developers as Microsoft does. The first three points above will help in improving the productivity of developers and give more insight into testing activities. Reverse engineering is a good addition but has to be validated against a large system. F#(Microsoft answer to functional programming) has been included as part of VS 2010. Quite strangely, it does not feature in the top 10 additions to VS 2010. I have been reading about F# for some time now and am really excited to see the support for this in VS 2010.

Architecture Track

In the Architecture track, the first session was very interesting and gave a very good insight into various building blocks of Azure platform. This session was followed by some patterns which have emerged while migrating some applications to cloud. I felt this session was too lengthy and not interesting.

On the second day, there were two management sessions. Concept Visualization by Sanjay Vyas threw some light on how important it is to communicate through the help of diagrams. The other session by Ranga(S Ranganathan) was just amazing. The session was about taking right decisions at right time. I am impressed with the way Ranga presented.

The last day I attended only two sessions in this track. The first one was Patterns and Practices in Cloud by John devadoss who is part of Patterns and Practices group in Microsoft. The session was brilliant and gave a lot of insights. The next session I attended was a panel discussion on emerging patterns where John, David (both of Microsoft) and Naveen (from Infosys) shared their thoughts.

Developer track

In the developer track, I attended cloud computing sessions which were very helpful. The sessions on Azure data storage and management API ware very useful.

Another important feature which was interesting was a new feature in Excel 2010. With the help of a new plug-in you can use excel for manipulating huge amount of data. You can easily sort, filter millions of data instantly. This new feature uses columnar database to achieve this. Quite interesting!

Overall, it was a very good experience for me to be @ TechEd. This year is going to be an eventful and crucial year as every product has a major release lined up. I feel, the following are going to have a major impact:

  1. Windows Azure:  With the release of Azure, Microsoft has joined Amazon and Google among others in the cloud providers segment. This is already available for development except for SQL Azure(You can use SQL Express instead). The good thing about Azure is storage. If your application needs real scaling, you can use Azure storage which has Tables, Queues and Blobs. Tables are built on non-relational model and provide high scalability. But if you need relational features, you can go for SQL Azure which can be thought as a SQL Server service running on the cloud.
  2. Windows 7 mobile: The new mobile platform from Microsoft. This has been built from scratch and does not have any backward compatibility to Windows Mobile 6.5 or earlier versions. I believe there is a very good ecosystem built around this and application development is going to be smooth.
  3. Office 2010: Office 2010 has lot of rich new features and integrates very well with Sharepoint and other Microsoft products. It has a web version also.

So I feel Microsoft is going to have a major influence this year on the technology industry and might make life tough for its competitors.

Hello world! February 27, 2010

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